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Another interesting comment on blogging conversations with a great set of links that follows a more rigerous academic analysis of blogging conversation.

Very interesting discussion (very hesitant to use that word given the nature of the post) on this public address about conversation in blogging. the participants are discussing why some posts become full fledged conversations and some do not. one reason mentioned in the comments section was time constraints. tpc, however, stated that for him, blogging is not so much about conversation as it is about learning by both reading and writing. this topic is of great interest to me because if my thesis proposal is accepted (cross all of your virtual fingers) i will measure not only how conversations are formed (through language, cognitive blending, etc.) in blogs, but also the distance they can travel before they become incoherent. it is very related to the question that lilia asks, what makes a conversation work in blogs?

And a further link on “An argumentation analysis of weblog conversations

I will come back to the issue of conversation versus publication when I post on journalism education and blogging. I don’t think they have to be dichotomous.

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