Blogging keeps on keeping on

Blogging is continuing to evolve in all sorts of directions. From citizen journalism to business blogging.

Dan Gilmour is leaving his full time journalism gig to explore a new unspecified “citizen-journalism project.”:

I hope to pull together something useful that helps enable — and demonstrates — the emerging grassroots journalism that I wrote about in my recent book. Something powerful is happening, it’s in the early stages and I have a chance to help figure this out.

I’m not ready to discuss the specifics yet, mainly because I have many more ideas than I could possibly try to put into practice at this point — and we’re early in the process of working out the venture’s actual form.

And at the other end of the spectrum Jeremy Wright and Darren Barefoot successfully auctioned themselves on EBay as bloggers for hire and have now set up a professional blogging consultancy for businesses.

Paul Chaney is doing much the same and is also proposing the formation of a professional bloggers association.

Thanks to Amy Gahran, whose latest PR and Marketing Grab Bag List set me off on this trail.

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